Art work

  • Pastel Drawing - Izzy Yorkie
  • Pastel Drawing - Banjo
  • Pastel Drawing - Molly
  • Pastel Painting - Beau
  • Pastel Painting - Baylor & Lu
  • Pastel Painting - Salut
  • Pastel Painting - Beautiful Bea
  • Charcoal Drawing - Grace
  • Oil Painting - Sheltie Izzie
  • Oil Painting - Woody & Bruce
  • Oil Painting - The Morins
  • Pastel Drawing - Greg & Lexi

Art Classes

Host an Art Party

It’s easy, it’s FUN!  Adult art parties can be held at your home or at the studio. You will have a variety of themes to choose from.  For an additional fee, a special design can be made to fit your theme or occasion.    No experience or art background necessary.  I will guide you and your guests step by step.

All painting supplies to create an 11 x 14 painting are provided

You provide the beverages and nibbles and guests

guests also may bring their beverage of choice and an appetizer to share.

Parties usually last 2 1/2-3 hours

The cost is $35 per person – maximum number of guests is 10

The Studio will provide all your art supplies:  You bring the friends!


You can pick a theme or you can let it be a surprise!
The design is drawn on the canvas—you do the painting

Here are some suggestions below:

Still life themes – musical instruments, sea shells, Flowers, fruits of the season

Ocean views – lighthouses, beaches & shore scenes

Landscapes – gardens, country roads, and fields

Animals – cute puppy or kitten

For more information or to book an Art Party

Call Ellie at 410-790-7889 or email

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Registration for Adult Art Party
enclose with deposit of 50%




email address :______________________

Number in party _____ Date preferred_________ Time: Day or Evening 

At the Studio ___ or at ___________

theme __________

—————————————————–cut line——————————————————-

(Keep this part for your information)

Monday Evenings – 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Afternoons (Weekdays or Weekends)
arrange with studio dates and time for event scheduling

Art Party Policy

Once party is scheduled a deposit of 50% must be sent 
to reserve the date. No parties will be put on calendar without deposit.
Cancellations will be accepted up to one 
week prior to event after that point deposit will not be refunded.

Cost is based on a six guest minimum.

Please print out form and mail deposit of $125.00
(or 50% of balance if more than 6 guests). 
made payable to:
Arts d’Tryon Studio

Arts d’Tryon Studio * 957 E. MacPhail Rd., * Bel Air, MD 21015  *  410-776-3882

PayPal accepted

Art Classes
Drawing and painting classes will be available for adults and young adults who are seeking to explore their own creativity.  Art classes are open classes and students can choose to work for a little as an hour or as long as three hours.  Drawing classes are usually done in one hour and painting classes are done two hours long sessions.  However, the classes are geared to the needs of the students.  The aim is to provide instruction based on students needs and abilities.  The goal is that all students be successful artistically.  Students will be given a list of art supplies needed for class.

Class Rates

  • $15.00 for a one hour class; $20.00 for two hour class; $35.00 for a three hour class.
  • Gift certificates available.

Learn the essential elements needed to draw – the basic shapes, composition, perspective and values.  Learn how to control the medium and to put together a drawing that looks the way you want it to look.

Classes are one hour long minimum and begin with learning how to control the mediums of charcoal, graphic and pastel.  Students will work from objects to create a still life drawing.

Learn how to create paintings that you will be proud to hang on your walls.  Learn the elements of composition, value, color temperature and edge quality.  Create a sense of depth and learn how to use light to creat form.  Learn how to use pastel, as well as, oil as a painting medium.

Classes are two hours long minimum. beginners learn how to paint from still life and work from old master paintings.  More experienced students may use reference photos or bring their own still life objects to create a painting of their choice.



Young People’s Studio Classes 

Fun and learning Art – 10 to 14 year old

Saturday mornings

This is a two hour class that teaches how to control your medium (charcoal, pencil, conte) to create the art work you want.  Students learn how to use line, shapes and value while learning the importance of knowing how to draw what you see.  

The Painter’s Craft – 14 to adult

Thursday afternoons 1 to 4 pm

Evening Classes 6 to 9 pm

Three hour class on pastel and oil painting.  Students can choose to work in pastel or oil painting mastering the skills to create art work from painting from still life set ups.  

Contact Ellie at (410) 776-3882 to Commission a Portrait or Enroll in an Art Class