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Therapy Dog Mac

Written by Ellie on . Posted in Ellie's Blog

On August 20 I went into the hospital for knee replacement surgery.  My left knee had progressively gotten more and more painful.  In this past year the knee would lock up every few weeks, which made it impossible for me to put any weight on the leg or walk.  So, after much therapy and consultations with my General Practitioner and Orthopedic Surgeon I decided it was time to have a knee replacement.  The surgery went well, and the nursing staff had me up and walking with a walker the next day.  Even physical therapy was in order the day after surgery.  The goal was to be able to bend my knee to at least 90° or as close as possible.  I was released to go home three days after surgery.

Nothing is as confining as a hospital room.  The care at Upper Chesapeake was excellent, but it is not the same as being home.  Cliff had made everything walker friendly.  No scatter rugs, open walk spaces and a comfortable chair that I could get in and out of easily.  However, the best of coming home was how Mac our five year old Airedale seemed to know that jumping up and giving Mommy ear kisses was out of the question.  He patiently waited till I sat down to come over and give me love.  The chair had been his to lay and sleep in, yet he was quite happy to give it up for me to use.  Mac seem to understand that this was the best seat for me to use.  These past weeks Mac has proven to be the best therapy – gently sitting near me for me to pet him.  When I was in pain he stayed close by.  It was and still is amazing how gentle he is around me.  This has gotten me to thinking that Mac will make a wonderful Therapy dog.

The next thing I am looking forward to is getting well enough to take Mac on walks.  He loves taking walks and this might be a good time to enroll him in training as a therapy dog.  Mac seems to already have the temperament.  It well be a chance for Cliff and me to learn what we need to do with Mac to make him the best therapy dog ever.  There are plenty of places we can volunteer right here in Harford County.  There is the local VA hospital, and rehabilitation centers for Mac to do his healing love.

Share your stories of how your pet has been an important part of your family. 

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Comments (2)

  • Barb


    How is it going with therapy dog Mac? 😉


    • Ellie


      Still sweet as ever.


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