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This Is My Chair

Written by Ellie on . Posted in Ellie's Blog

It is interesting to watch how pets stake out their territory.  For five years we have watched this staking of territory play out.  We got Harper first, a small black cat with a white spot on her belly.  Since she was the only pet for nine months she had the run of the house.  When we sat down is was quick to jump into our laps for some loving.  When we brought Mac home she was not so quick to give him a welcome reception.  At 12 weeks old Mac was an Airedale puppy of boundless energy and held the belief that everything and everyone loved him.  Harper was not so convinced that having this new animal was what she wanted.  She had been the center of attention that she now had to share.  However, she did not show any fear of Mac.  She staked out the rocker as her place to lie and has her way of telling Mac that he is not moving her from her seat.  Of course Mac thought Harper is in the perfect place to get some puppy kisses. 

Mac taking over the sofa

Mac’s favorite seat is a big old overstuffed easy chair and Harper’s is the rocker, but she can usually be found lounging at the foot of our bed.  This is day or night.  For you see Mac seldom comes upstairs.  When he was a puppy we put a child gate at the steps so Harper would have a place to retreat away from Mac’s enthusiasm.  Over time an understanding as grown between Harper and Mac. Mac still gives kisses when Harper allows it and Harper still has no fear of Mac who is now five times her size.  Many times Mac is in his chair and Harper is perched on one of the arms. 

Share your stories about your pets’ behaviors.  Funny tales are especially welcome.  Ellie

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  • Christine Hensley


    Hi Ellie, So glad to be able to see your artwork and read a little that you wrote. Animals are adorable. I hope we can get together sometime…..maybe lunch? I have Sunday and Mondays off work, but I am leaving this Thursday for a week in Seattle to take my granddaughter home. Please get in touch! Christine


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