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What I have learned from Pets

Written by Ellie on . Posted in Ellie's Blog

As a pet portrait artist I have learned a lot from the pets and their owners.  The greeting tells me a lot about the owner and the pet.  Owners that are friendly have friendly pets.  Pets reflect their owners.  They reflect how their owner is feeling that day.  Just from the way a pet is acting I can tell if the owner is having a good day or not.  

Think about it.  As a pet owner have you ever noticed when you are not feeling well, or you feel sad or frustrated or whatever is not making this a good day how your pet (cat or dog or both) wants to comfort you.  Your dog follows you from room to room and when you sit down if they are small they jump into your lap.  A big dog will lay his head in your lap.  Your cat will wait till you sit down and in that moment you have a cat in your lap.  You think they are asking to be petted and so you pet them.  But, in that process of petting them you start feeling better, calmer and happier.  

Pets are wonderful companions and they have a way of making us feel special, tell us how important we are to them and fill our days with unconditional love .  That is why we should all work to make sure that all pets find loving, caring homes.  

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments about your pets and how they have changed your life. 

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Comments (3)

  • Theresa Foster


    I couldn’t agree more with your blog Ellie. I know my pets have helped me get through so very hard times. Our pets have unconditional Love for us and it does make a huge difference in our emotional and physical well being. Keep up the good work.


  • Ellie


    Thank you Theresa for your thoughts. I know what an important part your pets play in your family.



  • gold ira


    Good article. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..


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